Accomodations range from one room to a cottage of your own (none of them with telephones). The main house has five bedrooms, all charmingly furnished with antique pieces.

The 1810 Log Cabin, across the driveway from the Main House, offers another intimate setting with living room, working fireplace, double bed and full bath, plus double beds upstairs.

The tiny Patent House, a small late-1700s domicile, is private and romantic furnished with an attractive quilt, and a cozy fireside sitting area next to a working fireplace.

Bedrooms are furnished authentically and rather sparsely with double or twin beds, antique chests and bureaus, quilts, hooked or braided rugs.

The combination of quiet location, nearby attractions, variety of decor in the antique-filled rooms, a warming fire on cool evenings and the friendliest of staff creates an unbeatable combination. The Little River Inn offers super-clean surroundings in a private atmosphere.

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The Main House

The Main House

The Patent House

The Patent House

The Cabin

The Log Cabin

The Little River Inn is located 5 miles east of Middleburg, Virginia, the heart of Virginia’s hunt and horse country. Whether it’s a wine tasting at one of the many vineyards, eating at one of the region’s fine restaurants, taking a tour of a world-class horse farm, shopping in downtown Middleburg, visiting a civil war battlefield or just relaxing in the clean country air, you will find that there is something here for everyone.


The Loudoun County Health Department requires the following to be posted:

Code of Virginia

Title 35.1. Hotels, Restaurants, Summer Camps, and Campgrounds

Chapter 5. Posting Hotel Rates; Hotel Liability

35.1-28. Liability.

A. It shall be the duty of any person owning or operating a hotel to exercise due care and diligence in providing honest and competent employees and to take reasonable precautions to protect the persons and property of the guests of the hotel. No hotel shall be held liable in a sum greater than $300 for the loss of any wearing apparel, baggage, or other property not hereinafter mentioned belonging to a guest when such loss takes place from the room or rooms occupied by the guest. Unless the loss shall take place from the office of the hotel after the valuables are deposited there, no hotel shall be liable for any loss by any guest of jewelry, money, or other valuables of like nature belonging to any guest if the hotel shall have posted in the room or rooms o the guest in a conspicous place, and in the office of the hotel, a notice stating that jewelry, money, and other valuables of like nature must be deposited in office of the hotel. The hotel shall not be obligated to receive from any one guest for deposit in such office any property hereinbefore described exceeding a total value of $500.

B. Each guest’s room shall have suitable locks on its doors and windows unless permanently secured. If a guest fails to lock the doors or windows in his room, the hotel shall not be liable for any property taken from the room in consequence of such failure on the part of the guest. The burden of proof shall be upon the operator of the hotel to show that he complied with the provisions of this section and the guest failed to comply with these requirements.

C. In the case of loss by fire or overwhelming disaster, a hotel shall exercise ordinary and reasonable care in the custody of the baggage or other property of its guests, but in no case shall the hotel’s liability exceed $250 to any one guest unless the negligence of the hotel was the cause of the fire or overwhelming disaster.

D. No liability shall attach to any hotel for the baggage, hats, umbrellas, coats, or other wearing apparel of a guest until the same is placed by the guest in the actual custody of an employee of the hotel. The mere depositing of such baggage, hats, umbrellas, coats, or other wearing apparel inside the hotel shall not be construed as putting in actual custody until taken in charge by the hotel or its employee, or properly placed a in a room or rooms assigned to the guest.

E. Nothing contained in thsi section shall be construed so as to change or alter the principles of law concerning a hotel’s liability to a guest or other person for personal injury, no to exempt in anywise the owner or operator of a hotel from being liable for the value of any property of guests taken or stolen from any therein by any employee or agent of the hotel.